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By default all WCF will operated in the Request-Replay mode. It means that, when client make a request to the WCF service and client will wait to get response from service (till receiveTimeout). After getting the response it will start executing the rest of the statement. If service doesn't respond to the service within receiveTimeout, client will receive TimeOutException.

Apart from NetPeerTcpBinding and the NetMsmqBinding all other bindings will support request-reply operations.


  • Always create the service with Interface->Implementation format, mention the contract in Interface.
  • Define the service in Class library and refer the class library in Host project. Don’t use service class in host project.
  • Change the instance mode to per call as default.
  • Always catch exception using try/catch block and throw exception using FaultException < T >.
  • Logging and Include exception should be enable while compiling the project in debug mode. While in production deployment disable the logging and Include exception details.